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“We would break fast together”

On 24 July 2015, I drove from my pappou’s village of Agia Irini (Akdeniz) in the north-west of Cyprus to the nearby town of Morphou (Güzelyurt) to interview two women who grew up in Agia irini. One of them is the wife of my friend Ibrahim; the other, her cousin. “Hoş geldiniz” said Serpil, as she welcomed me and my […]

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“There is still lots of love”

On 15 July 2015 my interpreter and I travelled to Episkopi to interview a Greek-Cypriot couple from Agia Irini – Kostas and Irini. Kostas is my great-uncle Iordanis’ childhood friend and koumbaro. We were told to go to a pharmacy and ask for directions when we arrived in Episkopi. A lady drew us a map and we eventually found the […]

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Picking carob and olives

On 8 July 2015 I travelled by myself through the Kermia border crossing to the north of Lekfosia. I met a lovely man there named Kudret, who took me to interview his mother, his aunt and a close family friend. The first person I interviewed was Kudret’s mother, Sadiye. Sadiye was a gentle and kind woman who was fasting for […]

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